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Solar Panel Expansion and Repair

Already have a solar system on your property, but you’re not sure it’s producing enough electricity?

Do you need repairs on your solar system but can’t contact the company that originally sold you your system?

Are you unhappy with the customer service from your out-of-state solar company?

Partner with Steel City Solar to ensure your solar system is producing all it should.

Solar Expansion

If there is a gap between your solar energy production and your electricity bill?

Steel City Solar can help. We will do a complete inspection of your current solar system to ensure that all of your panels are working properly—we’ll look for any signs of damage or degradation and test them with a multimeter tool to confirm it is producing electricity.

We will also check your inverter to see how much electricity the entire system is creating and compare it to your electricity bills.
Based on the age and state of your solar system, we can then recommend a way forward to help you bridge the gap, usually by adding new panels or replacing broken or inefficient systems.

Give us a call to set up a free, in-home expansion visit.

If your solar panels have been damaged by weather, age, or other events, we can help!

We will service any solar panels, regardless if they were purchased from us or not.


Contact us today for timely, professional service visits.

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