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Solar Panel Removal Services

Have solar panels and need roof repairs?

Steel City Solar can remove your solar panels for the repair and reinstall them when your roof is complete.

We work with insurance companies

If your roof was damaged and your insurance company is paying for the repair, we will work with your insurance for the billing of the removal and replacement


Call us to learn how we can work with your insurance or to schedule removal and storage of your solar panels.

Transparent pricing

Our price for removal and replacement is a flat rate regardless of location or type of array. We charge $90 per panel, the lowest in the industry across Colorado.  Our solar reinstall also includes a 10-year workmanship guarantee. If there are any issues with the panels’ installation for 10 years, we will make it right.

Options for storage

If you don’t have a place to safely store your solar panels during your roof repair, for a flat rate of $10 a panel, we will transport and store them in our own warehouse. There is no time limit or deadline for the storage, so your panels will be safe and secure for the duration of your project.

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