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Commercial Solar Installation

If you own a commercial property and are looking to go green or possibly beat the energy company’s commercial rates, find out if solar power is right for you.

The Right Size for Your Needs

Optimize your business operations with tailored commercial solar installation in Colorado. Each business has unique needs, and our experienced solar energy consultants specialize in designing customized solar solutions to meet both your requirements and those of your tenants. We guarantee a precise fit for your energy needs without overselling or underselling.


Schedule a consultation today to discover if your commercial property is suitable for solar and to determine the optimal energy production for your business. Embrace sustainability, reduce energy costs, and enhance your business’s environmental footprint with our expert commercial solar installation services.


What is Instant Demand?

Escape Instant Demand

Since adding solar panels is a permanent decision, it’s important that you own the structure your panels will be installed on.  Your property does not need to be completely paid off (mortgages are okay), but you do need to be the owner of record.

Can solar power lower your commercial electric bill?

Are you looking for ways to cut costs for your business or commercial property? Solar installation is the way to go! The instant demand charges assessed by the power company limits your ability to lower your electric bill.

Solar panels produce the most energy when they have constant, consistent exposure to the sun, and facing south will give them just that.  If your roof has a large southern-facing expanse, it is ideal for solar production.

But what happens if your peak demand is still more than the cutoff?

Again, the key to solar production is exposure to the sun.  If your property has large trees near your house that shade your rooftop, solar panels would not be able to produce enough energy to make them worthwhile.  If your roof is not shaded during the day, solar panels would be a great option.

Health Care Provider Aims for Net Zero

Steel City Solar helps Pueblo Community Health Center reduce energy use by half.

Pueblo Community Health Center’s new East Side Clinic had an ambitious goal: build a zero-energy building to serve its 24,000 patients. Working together with PCHC’s board, architects, and more, Steel City Solar designed and installed more than ** solar panels on both the clinic’s roof and carports to generate 76,000 kWh per year. Coupled with the building’s efficient design and energy-saving appliances and windows, the new building is set to save more than $1 in energy costs over the next 25 years. 

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Pueblo Community Health Center

System Size

280 kW

Installation Type

280 kW

Estimated Electricity Offset


Estimated Electricity Offset


What could a commercial solar power system do for your business?

Schedule an on-site visit with our commercial solar consultant to learn more.

Maximize Business Efficiency with Commercial Solar Installation in Colorado

Explore the benefits of commercial solar installation in Colorado and see how it can transform your business. From significantly reducing energy costs to enhancing your company's green credentials, solar power offers a sustainable solution that aligns with both economic and environmental goals. Learn how our tailored solar systems not only lower operating expenses but also provide a reliable, renewable energy source for your commercial property. Invest in Colorado commercial solar installation to leverage financial incentives, boost property value, and secure a competitive edge in your industry.


Reduce Operating Costs

Enhance Sustainability

Boost Property Value

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