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Cash in on Tax Savings with Solar in 2023

Take advantage of bigger solar rebates for tax savings in 2023! We’ll show you how.

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Colorado, Save with New Solar Tax Credits

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has increased the amount of tax savings you can receive for installing a solar system to a whopping 30%!

That makes now the perfect time to equip your home with solar energy and enjoy the energy savings plus these new tax credits. 

We can help you navigate through the process.

The Residential Clean Energy Credit:

The Perks of Solar Just Got Better

There’s never been a better time to install solar with the Inflation Reduction Act bringing solar tax savings to Colorado. This includes solar panels and energy storage devices and there’s no limit to how much you can save! For example, if you spend $20,000 on a solar panel installation, you’ll receive a $6,000 federal tax credit.

Cash Back through Net Energy Metering:

Net metering ensures that you get credit in the form of cash or energy for every bit of energy your panels generate. If you are conservative with your energy use, you can actually create a profit.

Sales and Property Tax Exemptions:

Installing a solar system increases your home’s value, but in Colorado, you’re protected from any increased assessed value in real estate tax. Additionally, you’ll be exempt from 100% of any related sales tax when purchasing solar.

Highly Recommended!

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“If you are looking for an honest, hassle free, affordable solar install team with integrity, Steel City Solar is the company you want.   After having the absolute worst experience with another solar company in Pueblo the guys at Steel City Solar reinstilled my faith in solar and I couldn’t be happier.  We got the same size system (19.62kw system) with top of the line panels and an attic fan for $20,000 less than the other company.  The best part is they communicated every step of the way, passed all inspections first try, and followed through with everything they said.  I’m all about ACTIONS over promises and they are as well.  From the owners, to the office staff, to the install teams….Trust me when I say they are the BEST!!!!  You won’t regret your decision to get your solar system installed with them.”

-Mindy Blue, 5 Star Google Review

Save on Taxes in 2022, 2023 and Beyond!

Getting started
with solar is easy.


Contact us for a free in-home or virtual visit and solar quote.

Join the 300,000 other families in Colorado that have decided to go solar. Make 2023 the year you cut the cord from constantly rising energy costs. Be a part of the future of energy.
In 2023, Colorado residents can save all year long on solar installations and upgrades with an amazing 30% tax credit. Minimize your carbon footprint, do your part for the environment AND keep more money in your pocket rather than spending it on energy bills and taxes. Feel the power of free energy from the sun while enjoying this bonus tax saving.


We handle everything—from design and permits to installation and inspection.


Capture the green energy and the amazing tax breaks!—from design and permits to installation and inspection.

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Professional Team

“Steel City Solar was very Professional from the installation process all the way to the loan process! The crew came in and respected my property and did a great job! Rachel & Ashley were very helpful and seem to love their job! They are local & that means everything! Very pleased!  Highly Recommend!”

-Rick Romero, 5 Star Google Review

Save more than ever before on Solar!

The new 30% tax credit is bigger and better than it’s ever been. That means now is the perfect time to cut your energy bills AND your tax burden, all while doing good for your family and community. Now that’s a WIN-WIN

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