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You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

The more you know, the better-informed decision you can make.

  • Is my home right for solar?
    Your home needs to fit three qualifications for solar to be a wise investment. You own your home. Your targeted project area has southern, eastern, or western exposure. Your roof or ground mount area has minimal shading. If your home meets these three criteria, solar is a great option!
  • How much does going solar cost?
    Every solar system we design is completely custom. We evaluate how much energy you have used in the past to determine how many panels you will need to produce enough energy to meet your needs. Typically homeowners who finance can enjoy savings in their very first month of solar ownership.
  • Are there any solar rebates or incentives?
    Yes, Congress renewed the federal solar tax credit in December of 2020. Through the end of 2022, homeowners may qualify for a federal solar tax credit. This tax credit is equal to 26% of the total cost of your solar system. This tax credit is a dollar for dollar reduction in tax liability. Your local energy company may also have other incentives or rebates.
  • Will I still be connected to the grid?
    Unless your system is in a remote area, we highly recommend your system stay connected to the grid. This will allow you to access energy when your panels aren’t actively collecting power (think of dark, stormy days or night-time) and free you from using expensive batteries to hold the power your system generates.
  • Aren’t I just swapping one bill for another? What is the benefit of going solar?
    In a sense, yes. Unless you pay for your system in cash, you will initially swap your electricity bill for your solar financing payments. However, there are two immediate benefits–1) your payments will be stable and predictable, and 2) your payments will eventually disappear, leaving you with cost-free energy.
  • What will my electric bill be after going solar?
    When we design a system we aim for what we call 100% offset. This means we recommend installing enough panels to match the amount of energy you typically use in a calendar year. As long as the amount of energy you use doesn’t drastically change you would only have to pay the connection fee to the power company. Don’t worry though if you use more than you expected you won’t run out of electricity you will just pay the difference to the power company.
  • What if I move after getting solar panels?
    We don’t recommend taking your system with you when you move, for many reasons,but moving them is possible. Studies have shown that solar does help home sell faster and for more though so typically you are better off either having the new home owner assume the solar loan or increase the price of your home and have the solar loan paid off in escrow at closing.
  • What kind of maintenance does a solar system need?
    Solar panels have extremely low maintenance needs. After installation, we will closely monitor your system, and if any needs arise, we will notify you and come complete the necessary maintenance. You will also be able to monitor your system using our free Steel City Solar app.
  • What if my solar panels get damaged?
    While damage from hail storms, lightning strikes, or other anomalies is extremely rare, you will want to make sure that you call your homeowners insurance company and add your system onto your policy after they are installed.
  • How long will my solar panels work?
    Solar power systems can produce electricity for 25 or more years. Most solar panel manufacturers offer a 25-year power performance warranty guaranteeing that their solar panels will continue to generate electricity at a certain capacity for the warranty’s duration.
  • What if I need to replace/repair my roof?
    If you need to work on your roof, we will remove, store, and replace your system for a small, per-panel fee that, depending on the situation, may be covered by your homeowners’ insurance. And as an added bonus, solar systems actually help extend the life of your roof!
  • What if I have an old solar system that isn’t producing enough energy?
    We love to retro-fit, replace, and upgrade older systems. We can let you know options and review your energy production to ensure that you don’t have too many or too few panels.
  • What kind of solar panels does Steel City Solar use?
    We have access to almost any solar panel manufacturer, but we typically recommend panels manufactured by higher quality brands like Sunpower or LG. These panels lead the solar industry with their efficiency, long life, and warranties. One of our energy consultants can help you evaluate which brands and products might be right for your project.
  • What if I’m interested in solar for my business or agricultural property?
    We’re the solar installer for you! Our expert designers can help you create a solar system for your commercial property that will help you beat instant demand and save money over the long term for your business.
  • I’m interested in a solar system for my property in the mountains. Where do you install?
    We install systems across southern Colorado, from homes in towns to ranches, cabins, industrial properties, and everywhere in between. If our truck can get to your property, we can install it there!
  • Do you only do rooftop installations?
    Nope! We can create the perfect solar array for your property, whether it’s on the roof, on racks, or in any other location. Our solar experts can help you decide that the best option is for your specific situation.
  • How long does solar panel installation take?
    The time from the initial estimate to the day you flip the switch on your new system varies, depending mostly on how long it takes for your local government to approve the plans and for the power company to come to inspect the installed system. Our project management team will take care of all scheduling for you, but you can expect the entire process to last 1-2 months.
  • Someone else installed my solar system, and I’m not happy with it. Can you help?
    Absolutely! We’re happy to service any system, no matter who it was purchased from or installed by. We can also review your system to see if you need to add or remove panels.
  • Do you install insulation?
    Yes. Insulation is a key factor for saving energy. Without it, a home can lose up to sixty percent of its heat energy! When you install insulation throughout your home, you make sure that you’re making the most of all the energy that your solar power system is creating for you. Haven’t gone solar yet? We install insulation no matter what power system you’re currently using.
  • What is the San Isabel Electric Association (SIEA) Empower program partnership?
    SIEA’s Empower program is an exciting new way to evaluate and reduce your energy usage. Working with an Empower energy expert, you can assess your home and choose what products can best help lower your energy costs. We’re proud to be the Empower program’s only approved solar installer. And here’s the best part–when you bundle your other energy saving products with a solar power system, you can apply the 26% federal tax credit to the entire bundle! Learn more about the empower program here.
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